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Bus and Tram Express

Community makes face masks for our bus drivers

May 27, 2020COVID19

As members may be aware, the union has been fighting to get members proper PPE from the NSW Government. This has been an uphill battle and they have flat out refused to provide drivers with face masks saying that bus and tram drivers “would not necessarily benefit” from masks and other protective items.

Instead, drivers have been forced to rely on the support of the community with the community generously making and donating face masks for our bus drivers. After seeing a string of media from the union asking the NSW Government to provide face masks which was promptly ignored, a community member reached out and offered to buy supplies, sew the face masks and donate them.

Community members from across the state and Canberra are working together on this even now to keep out essential frontline members protected.

“It’s been a real act of generosity and we could not be more appreciative. We’re thankful for the enormous amount of community support our drivers have received during this time. It really makes such a difference,” said RTBU NSW Tram and Bus Division Secretary David Babineau.

“Surely if the public realises how much we need masks, the Government should too? Instead of providing conflicting advice and easing further public transport restrictions without adequate plans in place, they should actually listen to the drivers on the ground who are telling them what they need.”

See below a gallery of happy drivers having received their homemade face masks.