Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

CMET Canberra 

Feb 6, 2020Uncategorized

At CMET in Canberra, staff on the light rail are facing the introduction of a night shift.

There are serious concerns as it currently stands with the safety of Authorised Officers and Customer Service Officers, without extending operational hours even further.

There are also concerns with rostering and fatigue for drivers as the company has yet to provide a fatigue policy to the Union or a fatigue calculator with instructions to its staff.

Given that the company’s idea of shelter at the depot relief point was to drop a shipping container on the grass with an awning and seat attached (you can’t go in the thing), it’s clear that common sense is not in abundance. Canberra suffers extremes of temperature both hot and cold, but that’s obviously not a problem because no managers have to use it.