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Charges laid for attack on bus driver

Mar 8, 2017Uncategorized
Reported in the Manly Daily
A DEE WHY man has been charged with assaulting a bus driver at Dee Why on Sunday morning.And local police want everyone to know that they will not tolerate behaviour that endangers the safety of drivers or passengers on buses on the northern beaches.

At 9.40am on Sunday the alleged victim was driving a bus southbound in Pittwater Rd, Dee Why.

The bus stopped at the bus stop near the intersection of Pittwater Rd and Howard Ave to pick up passengers and an 18-year-old man allegedly boarded the bus and walked straight toward the rear without swiping an Opal card to pay for the service.

Police said the man was asked to produce a ticket but ignored the request.

The Dee Why man then walked to the front of the bus and allegedly swore at the bus driver.

The man was requested to leave the bus but instead he allegedly spat in the face of the driver.

The man got off the bus and walked south along Pittwater Rd, then approached the driver, who was now standing on the footpath. The Dee Why man then alegedly tried to punch the driver and then allegedly took hold of him and threw him against a bus stop wall.

The man was restrained by members of the public until police arrived, arrested him and took him to Manly police station.

The man was charged with assault and using offensive language in public.

Northern Beaches Police crime manager Inspector Craig Wonders said police treated attacks on bus drivers seriously.

“For several years police have actively patrolled buses on the northern beaches to protect drivers and passengers,” he said.

“This incident is deemed with sufficient gravity that it’s been referred to detectives to investigate further.”