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Changing of the guard at Willoughby

Apr 16, 2013Uncategorized

The RTBU is pleased to announce a changing of the guard at the Willoughby bus depot. Popular delegate Alan Bourke has unfortunately been forced to resign his post due to ill health but has handed the baton to Andy West.

Understanding Alan’s situation, the RTBU had called for nominations at the depot. Andy put forward his name and was elected unopposed.

Andy West                                  Alan Burke


“Unfortunately I couldn’t put in as much as I thought the position required,” Alan said. “So instead of letting people down I thought I’d focus on getting on top of my health.”

“I’ll still offer any assistance I can in trying to progress the interests of the Willoughby members.”

Andy said: “I’m really looking forward to the challenge as more things come up with the State Government or with STA.

“Willoughby has one of the highest compliance rates when it comes to membership and it’s a tremendous honour to be elected unopposed and to represent the members ahead of the EA.”

The RTBU would like to thank Alan – whose father was delegate before him – for his dedication as delegate and looks forward to him adding to his nine years of being involved with the union.