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Bus and Tram Express

Cars in bus lanes not the solution to traffic woes

May 27, 2013Uncategorized

The Tram & Bus Division has today slammed an idea to open up bus lanes to traffic to ease congestion.

The NRMA is pushing to allow cars with four occupants to drive in the bus lanes as a way to free up Sydney’s infamous traffic. Read the Daily Telegraph story here.

The RTBU has criticised the idea, saying bus lanes are congested enough and that the proposal would only add to the city’s congestion woes.

Divisional Secretary Chris Preston this morning took to early morning news radio to put forward the union’s position. The union also released a media statement, copied in full below.

Cars in bus lanes not the solution to traffic woes

The NSW Rail, Tram and Bus Union said the proposal to open bus lanes to cars would be completely unworkable and the opposite strategy Sydney should to be employing to solve traffic problems. 

RTBU Tram and Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston said we should be exploring measures to drive people onto public transport, not encouraging them into their cars.

“Bus lanes are a critical tool to getting people out of their cars and onto public transport,” Mr Preston said.

“During peak times the bus lanes already experience high levels of congestion but in most cases still provide commuters with a better alternative to getting to work than driving their cars.

“Increasing traffic in bus lanes by letting cars drive in them will infuriate bus passengers and provide a strong disincentive for them to catch the bus.

“It is disappointing that the Opposition has supported the car-driven agenda of the NRMA in this proposal rather than exploring more options to get people using public transport.”