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Bus and Tram Express

Calls for Parramatta Light Rail stops to be named after accomplished women

Jan 22, 2021News

Transport for NSW released the names it has proposed for 16 light rail stops in December 2020, including Benaud at North Parramatta to honour the cricket legend and commentator who grew up in the area, and Indigenous names like Garung near the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. 

Parramatta councillor Donna Davis applauded the use of Aboriginal names, but was disappointed and frustrated at the “[lack] of imagination” for stops planned to be called Robin Thomas, Fennell Street and Church Street Mall. Instead, Cr Davis wants to see more female representation reflected in stop names, such as Fennell Street stop instead honouring the Parramatta Female Factory, given its proximity to the landmark. Other suggestions included Elizabeth Raine or Anne Gordon, who were managers and matrons of the factory respectively; Mary Shields, who was also incarcerated there and is author Thomas Keneally’s great grandmother; and more.

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