Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

Bus drivers vote overwhelmingly for a better deal

Nov 18, 2011News

Bus drivers have voted overwhelming in favour of a 3.25 per cent annual pay rise from State Transit Authority (STA) after a ballot of drivers across all fourteen depots.

The offer was put to drivers yesterday, and over 75% per cent of members voted to accept it – a barnstorming result!

The three-year deal, which comes into force from 15 April 2012, is a fair and reasonable outcome for drivers after the O’Farrell government capped wages at 2.5% earlier this year.

The RTBU is now the only union that has been able to negotiate a deal above this cap without trading off any award conditions.

The efforts of the Bus Division in these negotiations was acknowledged and applauded by Unions NSW at a recent meeting of all union leaders.

Drivers were determined to be treated with respect and paid appropriately, and this offer has seen their determination pay off.

Blue and white STA buses are a critical part of Sydney and Newcastle’s transport network.

Drivers are proud of the role they play in moving people around the city and they deserve to be rewarded for the important work they do.

See below for the results from each of the depots: