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Bus Drivers and Speeding Fines

Jan 25, 2012News

The Sunday Telegraph recently ran a story about the amount of traffic fines collected by NSW bus drivers.

The RTBU provided a detailed response to the newspaper about the issue – some of which was included in the story.

The union explained that bus drivers are expected to do their best to keep to bus timetables, but this can extremely difficult in Sydney, given traffic congestion and other disruptions.

There is huge pressure on drivers shoulders, who have to drive large vehicles through narrow and crowded streets, monitor passenger behaviour and make sure people are paying their fares – all at the same time.

With drivers spending around eight hours a day on the road, every day, it is inevitable that we will occasionally pick up traffic infringements.

Despite these pressures very few of the speeding fines were incurred by State Transit drivers.  Only just over a third of fines were attributed to State Transit and private bus drivers with the vast majority handed out to tourist and coach buses.

No driver sets out to break the road rules. Drivers who lose their bus licenses also lose their livelihoods.

The union also explained that it operates a pooled fund, where drivers chip in to cover the cost of infringement fees in some circumstances.

We also explained this is basically a form of professional indemnity insurance for something that is a risk in our industry.

But drivers are responsible for their own demerit points so we encourage everyone to take care on the road.

Keep your passengers safe, and your license intact!