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Burwood driver’s actions stops out-of-control car

Aug 1, 2013Uncategorized

Only weeks since a Burwood member brought a female passenger back to life, another of the depot’s drivers has sprung into action to protect the public.

Burwood driver Kevin Gray has earned praise from local police after he prevented an out-of-control car from careening into a possible accident with pedestrians.

After stopping at a set of lights, Kevin noticed the female driver of a car alongside his bus appeared to have fainted.

As her car accelerated, Kevin took decisive action. He pulled up alongside her car at a low speed and confirmed his suspicion that something was wrong. He then cautiously merged lanes in front of the now out-of-control car.

The resulting collision was minor, and Kevin’s risk assessment was bang on the money; the female driver had actually suffered a seizure.

Police commended Kevin for his actions after figuring that the female driver’s car would have almost certainly collected more speed and ended up on the footpath, potentially causing what police said would have been a serious accident.

The Union congratulates Kevin on his quick thinking and keen awareness.