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Bus and Tram Express

Brisbane gas bus explosion prompts immediate action

Jan 24, 2012News

All Brisbane gas buses were taken off the road over the weekend following a gas explosion at Virginia bus depot.

The move provides a further example of the good sense NSW drivers showed last year in taking buses off the roads, after footage came to light showing a gas bus exploding on the road.

Unlike the NSW State Government, which had to be dragged kicking and screaming to take action on the issue, Brisbane City Council moved quickly to take all gas buses out of service until measures could be implemented to ensure the safety of drivers and the travelling public.

Most of the Brisbane buses are now back on the road with reduced pressure on gas cylinders, but those using cylinders from the same batch as the one that exploded will remain out of service.

Premier Barry O’Farrell should feel humiliated and ashamed about his attempt to play down the safety risks associated with faulty gas cylinders on buses, and for his outrageous pledge to fight bus drivers “to the death” over bus safety.

NSW drivers can be proud their action lead to safety measures, now in place on all gas buses in NSW, to protect the safety of the travelling public.