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Bondi meal room leaves a bad taste for drivers

May 1, 2012News

In what Divisional President Gary Way called a “victory for drivers’ health”, the STA has finally acknowledged that the meal room at Bondi Junction Interchange is not fit for human habitation.

The meal rooms are in a disgusting condition – filthy with damaged flooring, a broken fridge and rat traps right next to where the drivers eat.

The RTBU issued a dispute notice to the STA and advised members that there was a Union Safety Ban on the facilities. Members were directed to tell supervisors that they would instead take meal breaks at the Waverley Depot and to request any necessary adjustment. 

The issue has been a serious safety concern for the Union as well as a stomach-turning inconvenience for drivers.

With such glaring evidence, the STA was forced to concede the problem and have sanctioned drivers going to Waverley until the room has been renovated. Where it is impractical for drivers to traipse across to Waverley, the Inspectors Meal Room will be made available.

The STA claims that the tendering process to renovate the room is now complete and work will begin immediately. Fingers crossed.