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Bus and Tram Express

Band-Aid solution fails to solve the problem of overcrowding

Aug 25, 2016News

Screenshot 2016-08-25 09.20.53Instead of actually fixing the problem of overcrowding on Sydney’s buses, Transport Minister Andrew Constance is releasing an app to tell passengers just how full their bus is before it arrives.

Passengers will be able to see whether they can expect to get a seat on the bus, be jammed in like a sardine, or just wait for the next one.

The app will use Opal card data, with passengers able to download an app to their phones to see how full the next bus will be – of course that will rely on the Opal machines actually working on all buses.

For the busiest buses on the network, this won’t solve the problem of overcrowding and delays – the same amount of people will be catching the same amount of services.

Without the government putting more buses onto the roads to ensure that drivers are able to keep to timetables then no amount of apps will solve the problem.

This is just another way that the government will open up drivers to being blamed for issues completely out of their control.

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