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The Australian: NSW government in bid to keep lid on light rail secrets

Oct 18, 2017Uncategorized

Once again the NSW Government shows us that they cannot be trusted.

With their hands on another project in Parramatta, it begs the question: What now, is the Government trying to hide from the public in secret confidential documents? We have a right to know how our millions of dollars of taxpayer money are being spent.

NSW government in bid to keep lid on light rail secrets

  • The Australian
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian inspects progress on the Sydney Light Rail project.

The NSW government is pulling out all stops to halt the release of documents that could prove Premier Gladys Berejiklian misled the public over her controversial CBD light rail project and reveal further cost blowouts in the $2.1 billion development.

Labor upper house leader Adam Searle has won a case in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal for the release of documents in connection with the project, which stretches from Sydney’s CBD to Randwick and Kingsford in the city’s southeast, with the line due to be finished close to the March 2019 election.

But the government is appealing to a full panel of the NCAT.

The NCAT did not accept its argument that the documents could not be released under ­freedom-of-information laws because of “cabinet in confidence” provisions. In an important precedent, the NCAT found in favour of Mr Searle, saying: “There is a significant public interest in disclosure of information concerning problems the Sydney Light Rail Delivery ­Office is having with stakeholders and information which contains criticisms of particular stakeholders. This is information which is relevant to the progress of the project and the way it is being managed.

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