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ACTU Congress: Change the Rules

Jul 20, 2018Uncategorized

Your RTBU Bus & Tram Divisional President Dave Woollams, and Secretary Chris Preston, joined union representatives from across the country this week for the ACTU’s National Congress which was themed: Change the Rules!


The Congress – which is the latest and most important gathering of Australian unions – was a fantastic opportunity for unions to discuss our next steps in tackling our ever-eroding industrial relations system, and a chance to debate and vote on the policies that will form the basis of the union agenda for the next three years.


As our RTBU National President said in his speech to the room, “I know for sure the forces of privilege would have been watching every second [of the conference], and despairing about the unity, conviction and determination on display on display right here in this room.”


You can read RTBU National Secretary Bob Nanva’s full address to the ACTU Congress here. http://www.rtbu.org.au/enough_is_enough


Your Bus & Tram Division team once again used the forum to condemn the disgraceful attacks from the NSW Liberal Government on our workforce – particularly with regards to the recent privatisation of Newcastle and Inner West bus networks. Our outrage at the NSW Government’s privatisation obsession is a feeling that is shared among fellow unions, because it is clear that the Liberal Government’s privatisation ideologies in NSW and across the country are destroying our community’s access to decent and reliable transport.


ACTU Congress also saw the election of the leadership of the ACTU and other office-holders. Congratulations to Michele O’Neil, head of the textile workers union, who was elected ACTU President at the Congress. Michele will work with ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus, to lead the union movement’s push for a fair go for workers.