Bus and Tram Express
Bus and Tram Express

A Letter to Constance: Covid-19 Vaccine Priority for Bus Operators

Aug 5, 2021COVID19

RTBU Tram and Bus Divisional President Daniel Jaggers has written to NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance requesting that bus drivers be identified as a priority employment category for vaccination and workplace rapid testing.

Over 3000 bus drivers employed by the State Government and Private Operators are at unique risk of contracting and/or transmitting the highly infectious Delta strain of COVID-19. Working environments of bus operators mean they are more susceptible to working in enclosed spaces with multiple passengers for a long period of time, increasing the chance of them becoming a close contact.

This is especially crucial as bus stops and passengers have the potential to cause a rapid increase in infections where a transmission event occurs. This is particularly the case when a few days are required for contact tracing and infected people are active in the community for some time before identification.

You can read the letter to Minister Constance here.